Julia Samoylova - White Lily

Julia Samoylova - White Lily

White Lily

White Lily (Ukrainian version)

White Lily (radio edit)

White Lily (Ukrainian version / radio edit)


New release by Yulia Samoilova.

Release: April 27, 2021.

2020 was rich in joint releases with artists around the world. In parallel, Julia continued her experiments on sound. And here is the first release of 2021 "White Lily". Created in the musical genre trip-hop with elements of ethnic and mid tempo.

“When the version in Russian was created, I let my family and friends listen to my work. Many colleagues from Ukraine noted the melodies strongly echoing Ukrainian folk motives. The idea of ​​lyrics in this language began to mature. I tried to achieve such an effect in which the lines of the Russian language would smoothly flow into Ukrainian and vice versa. Capaciously it can be described as "lyric fractal" It turned out beautifully and touching.

“How could it be otherwise? After all, the song is about the path of the spirit. She is imbued with a light feeling of love and an aching longing for an almost forgotten feeling of herself. This is akin to the feeling with which a mother rocks the cradle of her child, protecting him and guiding him towards the light. "

Yulia Samoilova has long ceased to strive to make music for a certain format. As she says: “It is important for me that the music fully conveys my feelings. There are so many lies in this world, even if the music remains honest, pure, like a white Lily. "