Julia Samoylova - Yeah

Julia Samoylova - Yeah


The track "Yeah" was composed many years ago (no one will remember exactly when). Even before Yulia's participation in Eurovision. The song has come a long way from a guitar demo to a rich retrowave sound. The lyrics convey the atmosphere of the early 2010s. But not the atmosphere in society, but in the relationship between Yulia and her husband Lyosha. And, in general, the song is about them.

“The final sound took shape in the summer of 2021, when we had Lyoshka’s 12th anniversary. We went through a lot of things together and the main lesson that we learned for ourselves can be expressed as follows: “Everything should be treated more simply.” And this is reflected even in the lyrics. We, when writing a text, usually tend to complicate things. But the track "Yeah" seemed to tear away all the extra turns of speech. And I finally gave up.

Admittedly, this is a strange experience. The track "Yeah" just happened. He didn't let me change a single line. We listened to him with a strange zealous feeling, as if he wrote himself and rejects our authorship like a naughty child.

In terms of sound, the track is rather summery. And it will definitely appeal to those who went to the track "Summer". I understand that it is better to release such songs not at the end of January. But everyone is already dreaming of warmth. Maybe spring will come a little faster with him?