New release - Storm

New release - Storm

Storm is a new release by Yulia Samoilova.

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This is an uncompromising and not funny song ... although you can be fooled by the groovy dance in the sound ... It is about those moments in life when everything is over! Edge! (“There is no strength or faith left”) We must act, change something, or surrender to emptiness ... (“otherwise I will perish”).

When you plunge into a retro beat flavored with overloaded guitars, at first it seems that the song is carrying you along the sunny water surface. And suddenly you realize that you are in a small boat in the middle of a raging ocean ... perhaps this is the beauty of paradoxes?

Sobering lyrics. Hard, truthful lyrics wrapped in a gentle, soft blanket of pads and overdrive rolls, like a tight swaddle, immobilizing you like a restless baby. This is interwoven with the theme of the inexorable element of life, which makes no distinction between good and bad, but simply pushes to the brink of change.